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Miscellaneous Information:

joolwe.com - choose wisely, use with pleasure

If you`re a jewelry shopper or jewelry addicted joolwe.com is for you. We discover new and innovative jewelry designers, offer our collaboration with them and present interview with extraordinary people in the sphere of jewelry production and fashion.

Jewelry never goes out of fashion, and is always relevant and appropriate in any case: on the red carpet, disco, party, club, at a dinner party or just for everyday use. Accessories for women strike with beauty and finesse finish, and accessories for men accentuate the style and taste of its owner. Our joolwe.com offers brilliant choice of products allowing customers (readers) to choose chains, bracelets, earrings, rings, or other products that meet their taste and level of income. Jewelry from our catalogue is made in different styles and directions. Some of them are surprising and original combination of metal with inserts of well-chosen from natural and synthetic stones. Others are fascinating filigree metal ones.

Jewelry is a truly royal gift. Beautiful, regularly shaped goblets, standing on accurate and decorated with elegant patterns legs are for wedding anniversaries, spoons with animated heroes or animals are for kids, dish sets are for parents and the like.  

If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints or claims, or we infringe your copyrights somehow, don`t hesitate and let us know via the feedback form.


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