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Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days for marriage proposals. There’s something about February 14th that makes people more inclined to tell their loved ones how much they really mean to them. Gorgeous bouquets of flowers make a woman smile, chocolate and wine arouse one’s sensual energies and the beautiful poems written on the cards helps one express emotions that are difficult to say.

We here at like to hear from the public about special moments in their lives, especially ones that involve jewelry. So, we asked members of the Joolwe community to tell us their engagement stories. Here are a few of them:

Camilla and Andrew

Valentine’s Day 2009 was one that will forever be the day when I sometimes say, “the rest of my life started”. My boyfriend and I had been dating for almost two years but I was getting the feeling that I was much more serious about him than he was about me. Andrew has never been an overly emotional type of guy. He doesn’t really go over the top for holidays like birthdays, anniversaries or even Valentine’s Day. However, February 14th 2009, everything changed.

We went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and sat at our favorite table. This particular place had a band playing. The ambiance was spectacular, the food was divine and the music intensified the seductive mood. About half-way into our dinner, the band began to play “Just The Way You Look Tonight” at the request of my boyfriend. As the melodious song played, Andrew began to tell me how much I meant to him and I was brought to tears. He then got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Without hesitation, I said yes. We are getting married next Spring.

Karyn and Will

The way that I met my husband seems as if it was taken straight out of a romantic movie. I was in New York on business and I had just hailed a cab. A handsome man was standing next to me and he asked me if we could share. I thought he was attractive so I said yes. Our ride was only twenty minutes but during that time, we managed to strike up a conversation about our views on New York, the world and even relationships. Even though I had only shared a cab with Will for a small amount of time, we both say it felt like we had known each other forever.

His stop came first and I was hoping that it would not be the last time we saw each other. As he got out of the cab, he turned to me and asked me if I would like to meet for drinks before we both had to leave town. He lived in Atlanta and I lived in Dallas. We met that same night and instantly clicked. Even after we left New York, we would fly back and forth to see each other. So many people told us about the fate of most long-distance relationships; but neither of us listened. Four years later, we were both living in Dallas and our relationship was getting stronger.

Last year, Will told me that he just wanted to spend Valentine’s Day in a low-key style. When I got home that evening…the hallway was covered in rose petals in various tones of red. As I entered the dining room, I was besieged by the intoxicating smell of my favorite candles and he had dinner waiting. Everything from the flowers, food and wine was perfect. He had remembered all of my favorite things. At the end of the night, he presented me with a beautiful ring and asked me to marry him. We have been married for five years now.

Allie and Richard

Richard and I have been dating for a little over a year now. He is always pleasantly surprising me with little tokens of his affection for me. He sends me flowers, cooks dinner for me sometimes and is always sending me the sweetest text messages. This past Sunday was technically our first Valentine’s Day together as a bonafide couple. We started our evening at a romantic piano bar that is our little neighborhood’s best kept secret and we had plans to go to dinner later on. While we were at the bar, the pianist began to play my favorite song, “Until” by Sting. As the song played, Richard began telling me how much his love had grown for me over the past few months. I was touched and was fighting back tears.

He then pulled out a gorgeous ring from; it was the 14k White Gold and Cubic Zirconia Double Band Wedded Bliss Rings. The set was absolutely beautiful. He had picked the perfect set that represents my style. The sheen from the metal and the sparkle of the gemstones are spectacular. He told me that although we had only been dating for a year, he knew that I was the one for him. I have always had strong feelings for Richard and after Sunday night, our connection has intensified. We are not getting married yet, but we are both content in the knowledge that our relationship is solid. For me, the rings are just the icing on the cake that is our relationship. Every time I wear these rings, I think of him.

Carmen and Micheal

I met Carmen when I was fresh out of law school. I was in-debt up over my head thanks to student loans and was just starting work at the district attorney’s office. The last thing on my mind was starting a new relationship. Then, I met Carmen. She was a clerk at a high-priced law firm and we were working different sides of the same case. After months of running into each other, I finally asked her out. Our first date was actually Valentine’s Day of 2009. We’ve been together ever since. This year, for our anniversary I wanted to get her something special.

After browsing the Internet for what seemed like hours, I finally found With the help of an excellent customer service representative, I picked out a ring that I knew Carmen would love. The representative asked me about Carmen’s style and then showed me several different options to choose from. I went with the 10k White Gold and Cubic Zirconia Mystic Sophistication Ring; I think it fits her style perfectly. She’s a sophisticated woman who likes a little luxury now and then. Sunday night, I told Carmen that we were going to her favorite restaurant..however, I had secretly made plans for a private chef to cook us dinner at my condo.

The night was a success and Carmen loved the ring. I wanted to let you guys at Joolwe know that you helped me make Valentine’s Day very special this year. Her birthday is just around the corner and I plan on using my points that I earned from the JLR program to surprise her with another piece of jewelry from your store. Thanks.