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Star ActiveStar ActiveStar ActiveStar ActiveStar Active likes to keep members of our community up to date on jewelry and fashion trends. Straight from the Hong Kong Jewelry Show, we got our hands on some inside information that has the jewelry industry buzzing. The Hong Kong International Jewelry Show is Asia’s largest exhibit where jewelry designers and retailers flock to show off or get their hands on the latest jewelry designs. The global jewelry industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and retailers spend thousands, and sometimes millions, of dollars buying new merchandise for their stores from this fabulous exhibition. The Honk Kong show not only displays a designer’s latest creations, but patrons are also treated to jewelry fashion shows as well as educational seminars.

The show focuses on displaying what jewelry trends are getting ready to take the fashion world by storm. Trends are often used to describe anything that takes an old idea and puts a fresh spin on it. This year, reviving old ideas was part a reoccurring theme among many designers. Perhaps they were playing it safe, or just being smart. The downturn in the global economy is the impetus for many designers to refrain from creating innovative jewelry for fear that the “look” may not catch on. Many of them were able to stay in step with current trends but still make them unique. For the past several years, the animal instincts of fashion insiders have remained a constant in the jewelry scene. Whether ornate or sophisticated; owls, frogs and bugs have been the muses for designers who want to tap into that whimsical side of jewelry. Marine life has also made quite the comeback on the jewelry scene; but these designs feature more than just your average sea fare. Look for exquisitely detailed sea horses, crabs and octopus that are swathed in gorgeous colors and embellished with shimmering gemstones. Anyone looking for more adventurous jewelry will find it this year because the “Global Safari Jewelry” is back in vogue. These jewelry designs boast earth tones, tribal motifs and animal textures. Jewelry like this adds a sultry element to a myriad of looks and is perfect compliment for the woman with a bold personality.

Keeping with a natural theme, elements of the earth and nature are still bringing a streamlined and sensible look to elegant designs. Look for leaves and branches to come to the forefront of otherwise floral trends. Although nature helps create a sense of serenity within current accessories, there will always be a need for a little or a lot of decadent embellishments. Some refer to these opulent floral designs as “gemstone garden” pieces, but they all rely on a bevy exquisite flowers to add a fresh element to a collection. Many of these earrings and cocktail rings showcase a kaleidoscope of color, gorgeous texture and dimension. Designers and jewelry insiders know that floral motifs may not work for every woman but by adding a contemporary touch; the appeal is enhanced. When most people think of floral designs, their mind ultimately wanders into all things feminine. If you have an affinity towards Victorian-era jewelry, you will become inspired by the contemporary take on some classic pieces. The cameo is probably the most recognized design from that era and is still being used in jewelry today. Modern designers have taken the timeless motif and added more gemstones as an ironic twist to the Victorian sensibilities. These jewelry designs are the epitome of romantic accessorizing and are the perfect tokens of love and tradition.

Most people are trying hard to scale back in many areas of their lives right now, but jewelry designers are picking up the slack. From bangles to rings, the stacked look is still hot. Whether they showcase gorgeous metals or are embellished with gemstones, these pieces add depth and dimension to any look. A reoccurring trend among many designers is to bring the beauty of simple textures to the forefront. The always lovely Celtic knot has romanced its way back into the fashion jewelry scene. Some designers have dubbed it the “love knot” or the “organic twist”. This mesmerizing motif has a subtle yet memorable charm that is an elegant way to infuse texture into your look. The way in which texture is showcased in jewelry designs has evolved over the last few years. The trend started with a hammered surface but has progressed into more looks that have been taken directly from elements in nature. A lot of designers are even incorporating the setting as part of the design. Prongs used to be minuscule fixtures in jewelry designs that only served the purpose of function. Now, prongs have become as important to the motif as the stone. Free forms have also been moving into the more mainstream lines. Before these eclectic designs were relegated to extremely modern jewelry designs and those who had an affinity towards modern art.

Now, more people are feeling the need to break from uniformity and showcase the inspired sides of their personalities. These jewelry pieces defy space or dimension and, although they are bold, possess a sophisticated undertone that is appealing to the eye. However, some of us like the beauty that is found in uniformity. Designers have tapped into that need but added a sense of mystery. Once thought of as a child hood pass time, puzzles are actually more symbolic than simplistic. Some people think of puzzles as keys to the unknown. Jewelry insiders say puzzle-themed jewelry has a duel personality: it can represent its wearer’s sense of a flair for enchantment or need for completion. Those who like the puzzle-themed jewelry will probably be drawn to another trend that does not seem to be slowing down: the lock and key combination. Designers have taken typical household items and turned them into gemstone-encrusted representations of whimsical jewelry. That is perhaps what seemed to be the underlying theme during the show: enchantment.                                                                                                                                               

 From necklaces to earrings, look for high drama this season. The earrings on display at the show featured a lot of long silhouettes that had a light and airy feel. Many designs meshed the wide base of chandelier earrings mixed with a clean linear. The pear-shaped accessories have made a big comeback this year. Its silhouette adds a layer of elegance to an otherwise simple design. Many of the pear-shaped jewelry motifs are dripping in gemstones. The pearl, another understated yet highly sophisticated jewel, is being displayed in so many innovative ways this year. No longer just relegated to a strand, these pearls are serving as the focal points to contemporary designs. Speaking of contemporary, jewelry designers used the Honk Kong show to showcase a merry mix of materials in their creations. Leather, wood, resin and lucites were fused with diamonds, silver and opaque. These designs mesh the earthiness of the textile materials and the glamour of the gemstones to create truly inspired and individual pieces. Natural in its concept but sophisticated in its look; a material-mixed piece has the contemporary edge that defies form and function. That is another underlying theme that seemed to simmer under the surface of the show: pieces that used both form and function as prominent aspects of the design. For example, the wrap bracelet is considered very urban and artsy to many. However, this year designers unveiled a plethora of styles that added elegance to the normally casual motifs. 

2010 promises to be the year of refreshing takes on old ideas when it comes to jewelry. However, even though there are a lot of rich colors this season, next year there will be surprisingly very few additions to bold color schemes. Instead, many designers are taking the safe route and using earth tones along with purple, pink and vibrant green. Since many people are scaling back on spending, they may be less likely to try new colors. While shopping for jewelry you will find a lot of these “safety” colors but they will be used in a variety of designs that are anything but safe. The mix of black and white as well as black and gold are going to be mainstays in the fashion jewelry marketplace next year. Black and gold adds a sentimental feeling of antiquity to it that can soften contemporary designs. Black and white adds an ultra-stylish look to any design and has become so popular it seems like a staple rather than an unstoppable trend. All of the designs featured at the Hong Kong Jewelry Show can best be described as mini trends. These occur when designers add very subtle changes to existing collections. In uncertain times, this is the safest way to reveal new jewelry to consumers that have already been somewhat marketed to the public. Jewelry insiders are hoping that these mini trends could evolve into powerhouse statement pieces of their own as the economy recovers. This season revamp your signature style by trying some of these new looks. Just a few new pieces to your everyday ensemble…and..voila…you are on trend.